Fund 2

MaC Fund LP:

Founded in 2012 as a partnership between Agate and M-Ventures, a South Korean venture capital fund manager, with the Korean Government as anchor investor. The fund invested in both South Korean and Israeli healthcare technology companies in their later stages.

The fund invested in 11 companies, exited 3 and has another 2 listed.


Dani Naveh- Founder

Agate’s founder brings impressive track record of 30 years in government and the business sector.
Mr. Naveh is the founder of Agate's Venture-capital group. Former Israel's Health minister and Member of Parliament. Former Government secretary and head of the negotiations team with the Palestinians.
Former key business manager of Israel's largest Health funds (HMO), Chairman of the Board of Directors, CLAL Insurance, one of the top Israeli insurance and long-term savings companies.
Mr. Naveh served as chairman of the fund's investment committee, and managing partner and led his team in scouting, analyzing and executing investments in the portfolio companies. Due to Clal insurance previous investment in Agate-Mac, the regulation required Mr. Naveh to sell his entire shares (100%) in Agate-Mac in December 2013.
Mr. Naveh established Agate as one of the leading  healthcare VC funds in Israel with access to the best deal flow and investment opportunities in the market.

Adv. Ami H. Orkaby – Co-Founder & General Managing Partner

Adv. Ami H. Orkaby Founder & General Managing Partner Ami is of counsel to Meitar Liquornik Geva & Leshem Brandwein, one of Israel's largest and leading International law firms with worldwide affiliates. Ami specializes in international corporate law with emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, private equity financings, venture capital and technology transactions. Ami is a former Senior Adviser at the Prime Minister's Office advising the highest level of Israeli government on issues ranging from legal to social and economic affairs. Ami acts as the sole legal adviser of government of the Republic of South Korea in Israel and its Honorary Consul General to Jerusalem.

Ariel Moses- Managing Partner

Managing partner, CFO and investment committee member of the Agate Venture capital group, Fund I and Fund II. B.A. economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and L.L.B.

Extensive experience in healthcare investments, corporate finance and Fund management. Expert in scouting, analyzing and approving investments. Experience in managing portfolio investments.

Board member in MedTech companies: 'MST ‘– Surgery Robotics; 'Tulip‘ –  Obesity control, 'Sensimed‘ a Swiss MEMs company in the Ophthalmic area and ‘AngioSlide’ – angioplasty; ‘Dia Image Analysis’ and Mitos – surgery optronic

Former board member in 'Iscare’ European healthcare services company active in IVF, plastic surgery, IBD treatments and general surgery Exited 2017.

Former Founder & CEO of a FinTech startup company, developing a multinational ESOP and tax IT system.

Vast experience in Corporate Finance as former Analyst in leading Israeli Banking and Insurance corporations, VP Marketing and Analyses in leading asset based corporate finance company.

Michel Habib-Managing Partner

Founder & CEO Matar Capital Advisors. Former Director Business Development, Elron Electronic Industries, part of the IDB group (NASDAQ ELRN). Led Elron's Medical Device sector investments, served on the BOD of Elbit Vision Systems, Nulens, AMT, 3DV Systems & others. Former Head of investment banking Israel at ING Barings, the investment banking arm of ING Group. Vice President Investment Banking, Cukierman & Co., where he managed private placements and IPOs in Europe. Israel's Economic Consul in Boston, & Commercial Attache to South Korea. Michel has a B.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. and he is a member of the Technion Alumni '100 Club'.

Portfolio – Exits


Developed the fundamental technologies for peptide-based medicines. In line with proprietary technologies, company is developing sustained-release medications with a high technological entrance barrier and excellent product competitiveness, to treat life threatening and chronic diseases. Invested 2014.

Exit: January 2015: traded on Korea OTC market, July 2015: IPO on KOSDAQ at market cap of $236m.


The company focused on the manufacturing and commercialization of platform technologies including endoscopic imaging systems, devices and infection control products and pathology services for specialists treating a wide range of gastrointestinal conditions. Invested 2012.

Exit: June 2015: IPO on NYSE, market cap $415m (GI).


BioInfra, Inc. is a Korean company established in 2001, developing a Multiplex Cancer Early Diagnostics service using In Vitro Diagnostics Multivariate Index Assay and Bioinformatics technology, specialized in detecting cancer and chronic disease through blood analysis. The company provides early cancer detection service based on over 7.2K validated cancer sample. BioInfra has created a diagnostic algorithm that uses bioinformatics, and have established 6 cancer score model.

Exit: February 2016, in OTC Market.

Portfolio under management


U2bio was Founded in Korea, and provides lab testing and IT services for clinics and hospitals based on a profound understanding of the hospital’s needs. U2Bio's main business is Lab & Molecular genetic testing, U2Bio also provides personalize healthcare service based on PHR & Genetic analysis.U2bio expands its business scope into Personal Healthcare domain based on individual health data gathered from lab testing service currently focusing on Human Milk Analysis (HMA) service.

AngioLab Inc

AngioLab, Inc. is Korean Biotechnology Company established in June 1999, developing pharmaceutical products based on angiogenesis inhibition to treat and/or prevent various angiogenesis-dependent diseases, such as cancers, ocular diseases, abdominal obesity, psoriasis and arthritis.

AngioLab focuses at this stage on 3 products: abdominal obesity; functional dietary supplement for abdominal obesity; functional cosmeceuticals and Wrinklestat.


Founded in 2012 in Korea, HEALCERION offers a mobile based healthcare system that is specifically designed to provide physicians and patients with point of care diagnostic information. The company is developing the world’s first Wireless Portable Ultrasound device.

MST – Medical Surgery Technology

MST is now the missing link between surgery and robotics. MST is an Image analyses system for the OR with 3 layers of products:  Guided and robotic surgery; training platform; and big data AI analyses of the surgery image.

MST’s advanced image-based software empowers robotic surgery, enhancing performance and workflow efficiency to benefit patients, surgeons and healthcare providers.  This is achieved by way of proprietary algorithmic architecture which provides intelligent scene cognition capabilities for autonomous powering of medical robots and computer-assisted surgery systems.


Curaco is a nursing smart bidet for bedridden persons. To put it simply, it is a specially designed bidet for people with limited mobility such as the elderly, patients and ill.

The exclusive new technology provides revolutionary solution to home health care. When CURACO detects urine and/or faces with its advanced built-in sensors, it automatically flushes excrement away, rinses and dries the user’s body, ensuring cleanness and comfort for the user.

People Bio

A bio-venture company, conducting R&D of diagnostic methods for degenerative brain diseases ever since its foundation in September 2002. It is currently focusing on the development of blood test for Alzheimer’s disease.

PeopleBio possesses a source technology to detect multimer proteins that induce the disease through simple blood test based on MDS (Multimer Detection System). Technology that detects biomarkers related to brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease can be utilized to effectively treat and prevent the diseases through early diagnosis and monitoring of progress.


DiA is developing the next generation in how medical imaging will be analyzed, by providing fully automated supporting tools that enable quick, objective and accurate medical image interpretations.

Cognitive Image Processing Technology – DiA’s patented technology uses advanced pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms to automatically imitate the way the human eye identifies borders and motion.  The algorithms produce quick, accurate and automated data and scoring for diagnosis.

DiA’s flagship, FDA/CE cleared toolbox delivers automatic and accurate evaluations of important indicators of the heart’s performance to support physician’s decisions.

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